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   Accueil            4.05.2011 - “Canadiens“ and Canadians (en anglais)

4.05.2011 - “Canadiens“ and Canadians   (note 1)

Once again, the demonstration is done: Quebec is a distinct society.  As Robert Bourassa has once asked : “What does Canada want?” ... The answer was clearly given in the evening of May 2nd. While Canadians turn squarely right, “Les Canadiens” in Quebec are blithely taking another beautiful risk by going to the left orange.

Two diametrically opposed views,  two conceptions of what should be the future political landscape in Canada, two mentalities, two ideologies, two realities that simply confirm the contents of the novel "Two Solitudes" by Hugh MacLennan written in 1945, symbol taken back later by Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who himself said being from left. This novel published in French in 1963 should be read over.

With the result of the election, Canada and Quebec are just acting out as some countries that have already taken such a turn to the right: Berlusconi's Italy, Sarkoszy’s France, and Camaron’s England, to name only those. For the next four years on Ottawa Parliament Hill, we should expect some LEFT-RIGHT debates. The right being identified to Canadians with 165 deputies out of 233 and the left , “Les Canadiens“ from Quebec with 61 seats out of 75. It is professors of sociology who will be happy; they will be able to update the contents of their courses based on a typical home reality instead of importing their examples from elsewhere.

For the next four years, neophytes from NDP will have to block the right ideology that‘s telling us that economy should get rid of social government plan whose burden causes crises. That it is free market that will correct malfunction of capitalism. That it is free trade, deregulation, privatization that will develop our society. That it is a minimum of government interventions that will ensure an unbelievable well-being. These few debates go far beyond lower interest rates on credit cards or greater severity on penalties against the schemers tie. The parliamentary game should be vigorous and we must pray God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha or the Great Spirit that the youth representatives and opposition NDP does not collapse as past ADQ.

For the next four years it will be a clash of values: the right that privileges work, tradition, security, fear of the other, individual rights and the left who will have to defend solidarity, equality, tolerance, openness to the world, collective rights.

The Canadians from Canada will be able to reapply again "What does Quebec wants?" The existential question has not been resolved by this election. We're only writing a new chapter: Quebec remains a land of irreducible Gauls in America land. And, as noted by Robert Bourassa in his memorable speech of June 23, 1990 “... English Canada (Canadians) must understand very clearly that, whatever they say and whatever is done, Quebec is now and forever, a distinct society, free and capable of assuming its destiny and its development ".

The debate is not over; we’re adding an additional value to our francophone reality. Quebec is on the LEFT, we suspected it, and that reality has been developed for over 50 years by Jean Lesage, Daniel Johnson father, Robert Bourassa and René Lévesque.

We must now ask ourselves: Where does Canada want to go? Right into the wall? (B.F. – Le 6 mai 2011)

Note 1: Une demande  a été faite le 4 mai 2011 au quotiden anglophone The Gazette de Montréal  pour la publication de cette chronique.   En date du 20 octobre 2011, nous sommes toujours en attente de la décision de l’éditeur.

NDLR - Madame Gisèle Lecours a participé à la traduction de cette chronique qui a déjà été publiée en français le 3 mai 2011 et qui est parue dans le quotidien La Voix de l’Est le 4 mai 2011 et sur le site Internet  Agora Vox, le média citoyen (France) le 5 mai 2011.